Voter Manual

This your Votium dashboard:

The dashboard will house all of the information and actions you can do as a delegator.

Make sure you connect your wallet with the Connect Wallet button on the top right, and connect to the Ethereum mainnet to start using Votium.

To switch between vlCVX and veCRV incentives click the switch button on the top right.


To be eligible for a reward, you can either delegate your vlCVX to Votium, and we will do the optimized voting for you, or vote by yourself for a buyer's selected pool on the Convex vote page.

The share of the incentive you receive will be relative to the % of the voting power you allocated to the pool.

To delegate to Votium, use the Delegate ⚡ button on the right. Alternatively you can also click here and delegate to the following address: 0xde1E6A7ED0ad3F61D531a8a78E83CcDdbd6E0c49. These are all different ways of doing the same transaction, which interacts with the Snapshot smart contract and will only be required once.

Once delegated, Your Delegated Amount will display the amount of your locked CVX being delegated.

You can still vote manually after you've delegated to Votium. Voting manually on a proposal will temporarily prohibit delegation for said proposal. You are still delegated to Votium for all other and future proposals. You will receive the incentive of the pools you voted for (if there are incentives deposited for them through Votium).

If you wish to remove your delegation permanently, you can do so at

veCRV Voting Manual

To be eligible for a reward, you have to vote for (or have your last vote be) the buyer's selected pool on the Curve website.

For example, here is illustrated a $DAI incentive of 100,000 $DAI. To receive a share of the incentive you will have to vote for cvxeth on the Curve gauge vote.

Your vote weight represents your vote weighing according to how you voted on the curve website.


To claim your rewards, press the My Votium button, and you will arrive at the claim page, or click here.

The rewards for both veCRV and vlCVX will be available for claim biweekly, ~24h-48h after vlCVX vote ends.

If you are using a third party tool (e.g. The Union), you will need to claim using their user interface.

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