Votium Protocol



Your CVX/CRV is NEVER staked on Votium, and we have no control over your funds.
Your locked CVX is always on Convex's smart contracts, therefore you are not exposed to any extra smart contract risks when using Votium, excluding the following:
  1. 1.
    If you choose to delegate, you will need to interact with the delegation function on Snapshot's delegation smart contract (Which uses the Gnosis Delegate Registry contract). This contract is being used by some of the biggest protocols in DeFi and thousands of spaces.
  2. 2.
    Claiming auction rewards via the Votium Merkle airdrop smart contract.
Interacting with a smart contract always introduces risks. Votium is experimental software provided "as is", use at your own discretion.


Buyers are exposed to smart contract risk by interacting with and depositing their incentive to the auction contract.
The methods of depositing and distributing incentives are very simple. Incentives will be distributed via an updateable merkle airdrop contract used by Sushi and others. Contracts will be available on GitHub and on Etherscan for review.