Q. Can I delegate my veCRV vote to Votium?

A. No. It is not currently possible to delegate veCRV voting power.

Q. Is there a short guide on how to use Votium?

A. Quickstart Guide

Q. Do I have to claim my incentive immediately?

A. No. After the incentives are airdropped, they are yours to claim whenever, you can wait for rewards to stack in order to pay less gas when claiming.

Q. When are Votium rounds live?

A. Votium rounds for Curve are always live, you are always able to watch the deposits for the upcoming weeks on the Votium website.

Q. When do I have to vote in order to be eligible for the incentives?

A. To be eligible for the incentive will you will have to vote with your veCRV before the gauge vote ends. Your previous vote will always carry over unless you submit a new vote, so if you wish to vote for the same pool next time, you don't have to vote again, and you will be eligible for the rewards.

Q. Where can I see the incentives for the next proposal?

A. Buyers can deposit incentives up to 6 weeks in advance. The current incentives for a proposal will show up on the Votium website.

Q. When are the rewards airdropped?

A. Incentives will be distributed on the claim page biweekly, after the Convex proposal has ended.

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