Why Votium

Votium is an incentives platform where vlCVX and veCRV holders can receive compensation from buyers interested in amassing voting power. Delegating/Voting incurs no risk to user funds, you always retain custody of your vlCVX/veCRV. Please note it is not currently possible to delegate veCRV voting rights.

Buyers can easily set the amount they are willing to pay in total for users to vote for their pool.

vlCVX holders can delegate their votes to Votium. We will choose the best incentive(s) on every proposal, so that you can delegate, sit back and enjoy the rewards without doing any work. You can also choose to vote on your own for your preferred incentive, using Convex's L2 voting system.

veCRV holders can vote for their preferred incentivised pool through Curve's gauge weight vote and receive rewards. There is a 10 day cooldown period for adjusting gauge weight on curve. Your previous vote will remain valid until changed, but will incur balance decay

Votium accepts incentives of whitelisted ERC20 tokens.

Votium has no withdrawal fees, and a low maintenance fee applied to the incentives. Excluding gas, there is no cost to use the platform for delegators/voters.

Votium currently does not have a native token.

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