vlCVX holders are free to delegate to Votium if they wish for the platform to vote for them to receive incentives.

Q. Is there a short guide on how to use Votium?

A. Quickstart Guide

Q. When are Votium rounds live?

A. Votium rounds are live when the Convex gauge vote proposals are live, bi-weekly, on Thursday 00:00 UTC until Tuesday 00:00 UTC. You can delegate to Votium to vote for you or vote manually in that time window.

Q. Do I have to delegate to Votium in order to receive incentives?

A. No. You can vote yourself for any incentive you'd like, whether delegated or not. If you choose to delegate to Votium, we will vote for you. Votium will try to vote optimally for delegators, so that they would receive the best possible return for their votes. 5% of Votium's delegation power will be used to vote for the cvxCRV pool.

Q. Can I vote myself if I'm delegated?

A. Yes. Voting on a proposal will temporarily prohibit delegation for said proposal. You are still delegated to Votium for all other and future proposals.

Q. How often do I have to delegate?

A. Once. Your delegation is registered even if you lock more CVX, unlock CVX, sell it, buy more, etc. You only have to delegate again if you choose to remove your delegation through the Snapshot site.

Q. When do I have to lock/delegate my CVX in order to be eligible for the incentives?

A. Gauge weight votes are bi-weekly, starting Thursdays at 00:00 UTC and ending on Tuesdays 00:00 UTC. To be eligible for the incentive will you will have to lock before the proposal starts. For Votium to vote for you you will have to delegate before the proposal starts. If you have locked before the aforementioned time window, but did not delegate before it, please vote manually this proposal to be eligible for an incentive.

Q. Where can I see the incentives for the next proposal?

A. The current incentives appear on the Votium website. Displayed incentives are for the current gauge vote or, if already ended, the next gauge vote.

Q. When are the rewards airdropped?

A. Incentives will be distributed within 24h-48h from the proposal's end, and are given to whoever delegated to Votium/voted for incentivised pools on snapshot. If you are using any third party tools, you will need to claim using their user interface.

Q. Do I have to claim my incentive immediately?

A. No. After the incentives are airdropped, they are yours to claim whenever, you can wait for rewards to stack in order to pay less gas when claiming.

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