Please be aware of the following before depositing an incentive:

Convex incentivisers:

  1. Pools with less than 0.05% of the total votes on the Convex Snapshot will not get any veCRV allocation.

  2. You are responsible for being aware of all Convex voting rules and keeping up with any changes to these rules. All deposits will be distributed to voters of the selected pool regardless of final veCRV vote impact.

  3. Votium also offers a delegation service for vlCVX holders. If you're a buyer, anyone who votes for your desired pool, whether delegated or not, is eligible for a share of your deposited incentive. As for Votium's delegation vote, we take into consideration the current vote totals and may not allocate as many votes if the rewards are already diluted. We also reserve a small allocation for Convex pools, for the betterment of the Convex ecosystem.

veCRV incentivisers:

  • 100% of the posted reward will be divided among users who vote for the specified pool. Voters will have one full week to see deposits to ensure a competitive market.

Interacting with a smart contract always introduces risks. Votium is experimental software provided "as is", use at your own discretion.

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